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You have reached the website of Coos/Douglas Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation Services
 with offices in North Bend and Roseburg, Oregon

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If you find yourself in a conflict or misunderstanding, we can help SETTLE the DISPUTE Peacefully.

Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation Services
has been serving Coos and Douglas communities since 1996.  Trained volunteer mediators support the growing need for alternative and better ways to settle disputes which may arise among friends, neighbors, family, co-workers or business associates and customers. 

Neighbor to Neighbor assists Coos and Douglas County Circuit Courts by mediating Small Claims and Residential Eviction matters.  Specialized programs for mediation with foster families and
juvenile court are also offered. 

Mediation is a method of settling disputes with the assistance of a neutral person who helps the two sides talk about the problem and work together to reach a solution acceptable to both parties.  A mediator does not impose settlements, give advice,
take sides or assign blame.

Conflicts are a normal part of life; how we deal with them can make a difference. Often when people resolve conflicts, one person ends up a winner and one loses. This may solve the problem for the moment, but resentment and bad feelings can cause more problems later. Another way to look at conflicts is to try to find a win–win solution, in which both sides can benefit. In this way, conflicts are turned into opportunities to grow and make things better. This approach is the cornerstone of “conflict resolution” – an important tool for bringing peace into our personal lives, our communities and to our world.

Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation Services offers a prompt, efficient, affordable means of resolving disputes by helping people talk to each other in a thoughtful, productive manner.

Mediation helps individuals, businesses, neighbors and families with a variety of conflicts to discuss important issues and reach a resolution that is acceptable to everyone. Conflict Resolution Day (observed on the third Thursday in October) is the perfect chance to raise awareness about the importance of learning the tools and skills that can help us all to work out our differences peacefully.

 Contact Neighbor to Neighbor Mediation Services for more information.
541.751.9666 (Coos) or
541.530.2578 (Douglas) (email) (website)

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